Compliant Parts For Unruly Fun

We understand it can be difficult to find the parts you need to love your sport. We’re here to help.

A Safer Future For Firearms

Balman Recreation and Ballistical are dedicated, fully, to the mission of minimizing gun-violence related deaths while keeping shooting sports popular. We carry a heavy heart when we see mass shootings and tragedies happen, and we’d like to play in active role in preventing any more of these in the future. Our sales of typical firearms components help fuel research we do in-house on ways we can create better arms platforms that also leave less room for error when they fall into the wrong hands. As a company, we expect our customers to use our products responsibly and to keep them secure, but we’d be fools to say that the entire burden of safety falls on the consumer. We should we play an equally active role in making sure that our products are sold to responsible buyers, and to find ways to make our products more secure before they even leave the shelves.

We will continue to find solutions to this problem, and will continuously update our platforms on what we’ve found and are attempting. We at Balman Recreation greatly appreciate your business, and all support we receive in the future.


We source all of our parts from manufacturers and wholesalers we trust to provide big-company pricing at small-company output.


We personally test fire all of our complete uppers to ensure they fire and cycle correctly. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t sell it.


As Marylanders ourselves, we understand the annoyance of finding compliant parts. Our products are tailored to your needs.

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